Cooking With Clark: One Ingredient Ice Cream

Trying to keep Cookiebear cool at 41 weeks pregnant is a task! I think our heard our AC crying last night… then I remembered I saw a recipe on Reddit last week for 1 ingredient ice cream. Ready?

The 1 ingredient…

Peeled bananas (I used 5) cut into 1 inch slices


Freeze sliced bananas 1-2 hours in a pie pan. Once frozen solid, put the slices into food processor and blend away. The frozen bananas will eventually become “crumbly” and start sticking to the sides of the food processor. Scrape from sides back into the center of the food processor and keep blending. The fats in the banana will start to work their magic then voila…


  • Use ripe bananas for a sweeter ice cream.
  • You can add peanut butter, chocolate chips or maybe honey to it while blending. Be creative.
  • Immediately after blending, the texture will be much like soft-serve, refreeze to get the texture of regular ice cream.
  • Yes, it tastes like bananas.

My bananas are freezing right now. I will update this post once consumed and let you guys know if its worth your time and effort (what little effort there is… come on, its one ingredient.)

Update 1: The bananas are taking a bit longer to freeze than the suggested 1-2 hours.I’ve had mine in the freezer for 3 hours  now and they are almost solid. I think that if I were to blend them right now, not being completely frozen, I’d wind up with mush. 1 more hour should do it. I think cutting them a bit thinner next time will speed this process up. Maybe 1/2 inch pieces. Just another test of patience.

Update 2: Success! After waiting another hour or so in the freezer the bananas were frozen solid. Perfect! I threw them into the blender and started blending. I had to scrape the sides about 3 or four times then something magical occurred. The chopped up bananas turned into what can only be described as soft serve banana ice cream heaven. It came out exactly like the picture! Try this guys. You WILL NOT be disappointed.

Be Good,

The ClarkNova


Modern Dadding’s “Beer Of The Weekend” Award goes to…



Russian Imperial Stout
ABV: 10.2% IBU: 45 Color: Black, 55 SRM
Here’s a black ale to brighten your day. Wake Up Dead lurks in our cellars for over 4 months before being unleashed. Hints of raisins, black licorice, coffee and dark chocolate are followed by earthy, herbal hop notes. Any apprehensions about the rest of your day are quickly forgotten, for whatever the mind expects, it finds. Sometimes you’re not in the mood for what everyone else is having.

What The ClarkNova Says: Wake Up The Dead Imperial Stout is STRONG (ABV: 10.2%)! Even with the toasted malty sweetness and dark chocolate undertones it has a very smooth finish, probably due to the fairly low IBU’s. Dark and sweet (a little too sweet for my palette), with not much of a head, it is a rather heavy and slow beer to drink, but hits you like a ton of nice warm blankets. I’ve heard conflicting reports from multiple sources about whether or not drinking dark beers helps “let down” if you are breastfeeding. However, dark beers do have more flavonoids (Vitamin P) than lighter beers, and they do quickly replenish the much needed calories that women lose while breastfeeding. Here’s to you Cookiebear!

Note to self: Don’t let my wife know; she might ask me to start taking turns breastfeeding the baby.

P.S. to self: while pouring, be wary the “evil” lurking at the bottom of that deep, dark bottle.

Note: This prestigious award will be given out every Friday to make your weekend more enjoyable!

Be Good,

The ClarkNova