A little about the blog: I decided to write this blog because every other blog I read about being a dad, save a few definitely worth mentioning (we will get to that later), are all shit. Period.  Being what I would consider a fairly young dad (30) in the “tech-know”, I could not relate. Fast forward to “Modern Dadding”. The goal is to blog the relatable realities of being a stay-at-home dad in an irreverently funny, slightly twisted and cynical way.

A little about me, The ClarkNova: I’m a tech savvy dad with an amazing wife and 3 kids, well almost… keeping you informed on what’s up in the world of “modern dadding”; blogging to connect and relate to both mothers and fathers alike, and discuss all aspects of parenting in a humorous yet straight forward manner. Enjoy!

A little about the editor/contributor, Cookiebear: Wife of The ClarkNova, Soon-to-be mother of 1 and stepmother of 2, Cookiebear is what I would consider my wordsmith. Editing what would have been an almost unreadable jumble of poorly selected words, she decodes the insanity I like to call writing into a cohesive, flowing, finely tuned article. Cookiebear you warm our cockles!


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey dude don’t steal my idea! JK, great blog dude I can definately relate to your situation with this as I am married and father of 3. I do have a quick question, where you do get your snazzy comment box? It gives me all the options that I want to give my readers… keep up the great blog, but don’t steal my readers… all 3 of them 😉

    • YOU! So I finally meet my arch nemesis 🙂 Hey thanks for the words of encouragement. Trying to keep it all relevant and readable is a challenge but I love it. As far as the comments box go I believe it is the stock comment box on the WordPress theme: TwentyEleven. It’s great to get feedback from fellow bloggers. Thanks again!

      Be good,

      The ClarkNova

  2. I think what you’re doing here is great! I’ve read all of your posts so far and if I were going to be a dad, this is a blog I would definitely read. Shit, I’m only twenty and I’m still going to read it for fun. Hopefully I wont have to put the information to use anytime soon though!

    Best of luck!

    • Nice to hear the feedback! If you have any suggestions or ideas on articles you’d like to see in particular feel free to send me an email and I will work it into the blog. Its readers like yourself that keep me posting.

      Be Good,

      The ClarkNova

  3. Hi,
    Stumbled upon this blog while looking up teething tips, love it! you may actually be the 1st blog i ever bookmark lol 🙂

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