Tech Dadding With The ClarkNova: Video Baby Monitor

Ok, so here’s my take. I’m a tech dad. I like “techie” things, so naturally when I saw the video baby monitoring systems on the market for fairly cheap I said “cool” right? NOPE. They are all shit. Tech dads, there is a MUCH better way to do this. I’m sure this is not a novel approach, as I have not really looked around, but nevertheless, it should be shared.

Wireless IP Video Cameras (such as this one) can usually be purchased for the same price, if not cheaper, than the baby monitoring systems currently on the market. Not only are the wireless IP cameras cheaper, they are MUCH more flexible in terms of A/V monitoring capability and quality (think remote viewing capabilities, night vision, remote-controlled pan, zoom and tilt with high quality video and bi-directional audio). The wireless IP camera can, of course, be viewed from any device connected to your home network via computers, laptops, and the handiest one of all: wi-fi enabled smartphones! Now you can be anywhere within range of your home network and still be able to view a live stream on your device anytime you “just want to check”. But wait. It gets better!

So you finally found a baby-sitter and are going out for the evening? Unlike most current baby monitoring systems, now you can check on your kiddo(s), even when you are away. All you have to do is setup a VPN on your home network’s router! Most, if not all, smartphones have VPN capability, so now you have the best reason of all to use it: something to take away that nagging feeling of whether or not your baby’s OK without having to call the sitter 500 times on your date night.

P.S. Feel free to post your questions comments or concerns.  If enough people show interest I will do a how-to.

Be Good,

The ClarkNova


5 thoughts on “Tech Dadding With The ClarkNova: Video Baby Monitor

  1. Very interesting post – Actually wireless baby monitors also cause a security threat as people near by can tune into the freq your using and see and hear everything that is happening in your home… The IP camera sounds amazing as it would erase this issue all together. And spying on the baby sitter hahaha fantastic idea, not so sure it would be legal though. Again thanks for the handy tip. Do you own a business? List it today on

  2. Found this, and since my Wife & I are expecting and put one of the Video w/intercom monitors on our registry, I proposed this as a different option. The conversation didn’t go as well as planned: the main sticking point is that she wants a way to carry the viewing end around without tying it to her Android phone. I’ve thought about proposing buying an android tablet as well, but that quickly blows the cost advantage.

    She also can’t understand how the interface would work for the 2-way voice comm/Pan-tilt control. My description of pitching it like a private Live YouTube video didn’t help on that side. A screenshot of the PC side interface would be wonderful! A screen-cap of it on an Android phone would be even better.

    • Here is the client I’m using on my Android phone. As far as a client for the PC there are a ton of them out there ranging from free to slightly expensive depending on the options and capabilities you want. I use the PC client that comes with the Foscam, it has everything I need for my situation.

      Be Good,

      The ClarkNova

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