Never EVER Shake A Baby…

They prefer to be stirred. All kidding aside, this apparently was (these commercials are old, as if it wasn’t fucking obvious) enough of an issue that some organization decided to make a commercial to inform us not to shake our babies! Seriously, people. The ones out there shaking babies know it’s wrong, especially if the kid has been shaken hard enough to be hurt or killed! These ads were created with good intentions, but I believe they missed their mark. Just a note of caution! IF you do shake your baby, take care, because they can explode all over you when you least expect it, ruining a perfectly good pair of shoes and making a mess in general.


Hello Reddit (/r/parenting)!

For those of you coming in from /r/parenting. Thanks! For those of you that aren’t, may I introduce reddit parenting. A message board for all things parenting, and I do mean ALL things. You can also access the reddit parenting subreddit in the side bar to the right. I am working on quite a few more articles and ideas at the moment so check back often or subscribe to our RSS Feed, also in the sidebar to the right. Be good.


The ClarkNova

Comments, Questions, Complaints?

Today I will be putting together a list of some ideas I’d like to write about. If you have any suggestions or requests please feel free to email me or post them in the comments section and I will work them in over the next month or so. I intend to try to work up to writing 2-3 new articles daily, so check back often for updates/posts or you can subscribe to our RSS feed and view us in your favorite reader. All comments are appreciated, so don’t hesitate to praise/slam my writing and choice of articles. It is you who will keep this blog from turning into a giant pile of breast-fed baby poo.

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